Technology Agora

Technology Agora is an international project dedicated to promote technological and social innovations worldwide. It focuses on a human-centered approach and aims to provide more value for citizens using technological solutions.

Technology Agora includes:


1. Physical and virtual community of companies, inventors, startups, investors and citizens.

Speaking platform

2. Speaking platform, YouTube channel and blog.


3. Technology Showroom.

Digital exhibition

4. Digital exhibition.

Technology Agora becomes the first initiative that unites all key players of vast technology and Smart City area in one physical and virtual space.

Technology Agora strengthens public-private partnership by establishing close cooperation between products and services producers, public sector and citizens.

It enables innovative approach for better collaboration through changing the paradigm from technology driven solutions to human centered approach by intense interaction of all creators of innovations: research centers, universities, startups, companies, investors and citizens.

If you are interested in participating in one of these Technology Agora opportunities, or are willing to get a customized one for your organization, please contact us.