Barcelona Smart City Tour

We already used to say that our cities have become “smarter”. Many processes of city management go in more efficient and sustainable way now. Much more attention is paid for citizens and guests positive living experience. Our Barcelona Smart City Tour is organized with the aim to meet you with the most essential achievements of our city in its way to implement Smart City technologies. Some of these innovations are visible, some of them need some extra knowledge to be noticed. We are very glad to share with you our city’s leading experience in applying such new technologies and invite you for this interesting discovery trip.

Barcelona Smart City Tour has been developed for Government, region, town hall and community representatives, specialists of urban development area, engineers and architects, managers of private companies willing to develop new products and services in Smart City branch, students and everyone who is interested to know about Barcelona Smart City leading experience.

  • Barcelona Smart City infrastructures (2,5-3 hours):

    The first part is a bus and walking tour during which you will come to know and see the main facilities of Barcelona Smart City infrastructure in transport, energy, waste, water management and assisted living areas. This part starts at 10:00 am.

    Coffee break.

    Barcelona Supercomputing Center (2 hours):

    It is one of the most impressing and most widely known supercomputer installations worldwide, being built into a unique location: The chapel Torre Girona. Visiting this fantastic place you will feel like in a Dan Brown novel, when the science meets the ancient architecture legacy to make the modern life better. You will come to know how Barcelona Supercomputer “MareNostrum” runs and watch several videos about how research made by it provides solutions for our everyday life. This visit lasts about 2 hours and has to be planned some time beforehand. This second part starts depending on the possibility of Barcelona Supercomputing Center to receive our guests. The precise time of the second part of the tour you will know while requesting it.


  • For Government, region, town hall and community representatives, on their request, could be organized meetings with managers and specialists from transport, energy, waste and water management as well as with representatives of Barcelona Administration. The program, price and conditions of these customized tours are to be defined on demand and fixed by signing a contract. This program should be requested at least 2 weeks before your visit and depends on availability of corresponding staff. We are open for your suggestions. Thank you.


If you are interested in participating in one of these Barcelona Smart City Tours, or are willing to get a customized one for you or your organization, please contact us.

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